The Lozano Blesa University Clinical Hospital of Zaragoza (HCULB) has planned a public procurement tender for innovation that aims to hire an intelligent service for the management and production of laundry and clothing areas of the HCULB. That service will include the renovation of the facilities and improvement of the processes in its laundry and clothing areas.

This project consists of the contracting of a clothing processing service including the complete adaptation of the facilities. The service will be remunerated according to the kilograms of clothing treated, over a period initially estimated in 10 years; and will continue to be managed with the Hospital's own staff.

The solution should involve maximum traceability and information management, both in the washing and distribution process and in the identification systems used in personal clothing.

In addition to technological innovation, improvement of working conditions and reduction of risks inherent to this activity, the new award is intended to reduce the current total costs of this service, due to greater efficiency, capacity and automation of a part of the facilities. That is why the object of the contract includes all aspects involved in this process, among others and without the following relationship can be considered limiting:

·         Reception, sorting and washing process

·         Automated storage and dispensing management of lingerie

·         System of information and integral control of the processes of laundry and clothing areas

·         All those tasks or structural modifications necessary for their operation


In addition, as the basis of the improvement of the procedure is the application of ICT technologies, the successful tenderer must guarantee the renewal and / or technological updating as well as the incorporation of new technologies that may arise during the term of the contract.


The process includes, in this initial phase, an information day hold in Zaragoza on 18-7-2017 where the interested companies can visit the facilities. The final report with the conclusions of this phase will be prepared and published in September.


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